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Successful Life and General Insurance agency K/L Legacy  

This is my dream - to take over KL/Legacy, a very successful AIA agency, a name the original Agency Manager, Kok Lee Wah, had to give up to take up the post of District Manager, KL/WealthVest. In my opinion, Legacy is a much better name than WealthVest and it is a name I would want for my agency when I achieve my dream.

I encourage you to contact me if you want to know more about this gold nugget I found and would like to share with you. A great percentage of a gold nugget is mud. It has to be processed to become pure gold. My dream is similar to a gold nugget. I would need to put in time and effort to achieve my dream (objective, goal, mission, etc.) I assure you that what I found is a goal well worth putting in time and effort.

This "time and effort" is highly flexible. It may mean just drawing up a schedule and allotting a portion of your waking hours to meet people and show them what AIA Bhd. has to offer.

Insurance is a pre-sold product. It is absolutely essential. When I bought my first life insurance policy 30 plus years ago, I went searching for a life insurance agent, not the other way around, a life insurance agent came to see me. I was already a customer. I needed protection for my young family. What more could be simpler?

Not too long ago, I saw Kok Lee Wah close a case right in front of my eyes. The customer also came to her just like me, not she looking for the client.

Now, from long ago, I already knew much about insurance for I almost became an actuary, a professional who uses the theory of probability to work out future scenarios. Not every one is a knowledgeable about the necessity of insurance as I or that walk-in client of Kok Lee Wah.

More later. Do contact me for exciting information.

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AIA Malaysia: New Products Briefing  

There will be a briefing on 2 new products by AIA (American International Assurance Bhd.) at Bukit Kiara Resort, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, on Monday 9th June 2008 from 6.30 pm to 10 pm. Please refer to map below for directions to Bukit Kiara Resort (click on map to enlarge it):

map to Bukit Kiara Resort

Contact me for more information.


Peter Chen's Dream Goal Objective Mission  

KL/Legacy was the name of Kok Lee Wah's AIA [American International Assurance Company Limited (Malaysia)] life insurance agency of which she was the agency manager. She had to give up that agency in order to take up the post of District Manager for KL/WealthVest. It is a long (actually only medium long and I will write more about it later) story about how I blurted out my answer "I want to take over KL/Legacy" when asked about my dream during a great presentation in AIA on the 16th May, 2008.

My family should be very grateful for this spur of the moment decision as they had complained I spent too much time in front of the computer (connected to the Internet) and not getting enough exercise (solved - community aerobic exercise led by K. Pathmanthan and risking my limbs and life moving around with an environmentally friendly transport, my son's Suzuki VS125 scooter [solved after making a decision to reduce or stop using the Suzuki VS125 scooter to avoid heavy loading (increase in premium) when I top up my Personal Accident insurance policy. Their other grouse is I do not have much "real" (not online) social interaction. This again is solved by me becoming an insurance agent with a dream to have my own life insurance agency - Kuala Lumpur Legacy. There is no way for me to achieve this dream which together with another goal to publish a book - Dream Driven LifeTM or Goal Driven LifeTM or and further making it into a presentation, a video, a podcast or perhaps even a movie or TV series.

Petaling Jaya SS3 Aerobic Exercis Community