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Successful Life and General Insurance agency K/L Legacy  

This is my dream - to take over KL/Legacy, a very successful AIA agency, a name the original Agency Manager, Kok Lee Wah, had to give up to take up the post of District Manager, KL/WealthVest. In my opinion, Legacy is a much better name than WealthVest and it is a name I would want for my agency when I achieve my dream.

I encourage you to contact me if you want to know more about this gold nugget I found and would like to share with you. A great percentage of a gold nugget is mud. It has to be processed to become pure gold. My dream is similar to a gold nugget. I would need to put in time and effort to achieve my dream (objective, goal, mission, etc.) I assure you that what I found is a goal well worth putting in time and effort.

This "time and effort" is highly flexible. It may mean just drawing up a schedule and allotting a portion of your waking hours to meet people and show them what AIA Bhd. has to offer.

Insurance is a pre-sold product. It is absolutely essential. When I bought my first life insurance policy 30 plus years ago, I went searching for a life insurance agent, not the other way around, a life insurance agent came to see me. I was already a customer. I needed protection for my young family. What more could be simpler?

Not too long ago, I saw Kok Lee Wah close a case right in front of my eyes. The customer also came to her just like me, not she looking for the client.

Now, from long ago, I already knew much about insurance for I almost became an actuary, a professional who uses the theory of probability to work out future scenarios. Not every one is a knowledgeable about the necessity of insurance as I or that walk-in client of Kok Lee Wah.

More later. Do contact me for exciting information.

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