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Peter Chen's Dream Goal Objective Mission  

KL/Legacy was the name of Kok Lee Wah's AIA [American International Assurance Company Limited (Malaysia)] life insurance agency of which she was the agency manager. She had to give up that agency in order to take up the post of District Manager for KL/WealthVest. It is a long (actually only medium long and I will write more about it later) story about how I blurted out my answer "I want to take over KL/Legacy" when asked about my dream during a great presentation in AIA on the 16th May, 2008.

My family should be very grateful for this spur of the moment decision as they had complained I spent too much time in front of the computer (connected to the Internet) and not getting enough exercise (solved - community aerobic exercise led by K. Pathmanthan and risking my limbs and life moving around with an environmentally friendly transport, my son's Suzuki VS125 scooter [solved after making a decision to reduce or stop using the Suzuki VS125 scooter to avoid heavy loading (increase in premium) when I top up my Personal Accident insurance policy. Their other grouse is I do not have much "real" (not online) social interaction. This again is solved by me becoming an insurance agent with a dream to have my own life insurance agency - Kuala Lumpur Legacy. There is no way for me to achieve this dream which together with another goal to publish a book - Dream Driven LifeTM or Goal Driven LifeTM or and further making it into a presentation, a video, a podcast or perhaps even a movie or TV series.

Petaling Jaya SS3 Aerobic Exercis Community

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